LaMercatique is a NYC-based boutique marketing transformation firm founded by Gregory Pouy.
“La Mercatique” is an old French word with origins in marketing. As a craftsman in the trade, I advocate a return to marketing basics to better understand modern developments.
I help people working for luxury brands  to challenge the marketing status quo and really take a new start through Digital. The projects that I’m covering include  global digital strategies, personal mentoring, seminars and operational follow-up .



I come from a  100% marketing background and have accompanied major luxury brands through their digital transformations. My divergent experiences in 15 years, for entreprises and agencies, give me the capacity to understand the pressures and stakes my clients are facing. My approach is pragmatic and operational and fueled by a personal desire to make marketer’s live easier.  

LaMercatique : a french touch on american concepts


I see myself as a marketing artisan and am willing to get as granular as possible to ensure the success of the projects I’m involved in. In a world where marketing is ever more complex, I bring clarity, an independent viewpoint and an ongoing desire to optimize. My capacity to analyze and synthesize knowledge helps clients win precious time.

If you don’t take care of your customer, somebody else will


Having spent 15 years in marketing, on the client side as well as on the agency side, I’ve accumulated the experience necessary to best assist luxury brands in their digital transformations today. My clients include global or multinational brands, and promising startups..




The first step to integrating digital is possessing the keys to understanding its universe. To do this, it’s crucial to make digital a foundational objective in enterprises.
What I bring you: executive-level mentoring, dedicated workshops (choice of location, program, and speakers), and vetting speakers quality.




I’ve worked in entreprise and in the agency world. I’ve encountered the complexities frequently seen in organisations, enabling me to develop strict pragmatism in my approach.

What I can bring you: digital strategy,  brand strategy or  third-party partnership options.




Digital transformation is principally a human affair. All departments in an enterprise are impacted by digital evolution, making it crucial to integrate it in your company’s evolution for the years to come.

What I can bring you: internal audits, the capacity to wed a strategy to an organisational strategy at every stage, as well as defining new roles for this competitive frontier.


It’s important for me to share my knowledge, as well as to grow in these exchanges. I’ve taught or participate in courses in digital marketing, influence marketing and viral marketing in top European universities, including HEC, Essec and Dauphine.





I’m truly lucky to work with amazing brands but most of all with incredible persons.


Named by Slideshare as one of the top influencers worldwide on education

I offers all type of business training and speaking engagement to meet your goals from a keynote speech on a particular topic to a 2 days workshop. I create personnalize program that I build with my clients. Also, I do several presentations each year that I’m sharing online and I believe that sharing is the new belonging.  

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