Which 2 Post Car Lift is Best?


If you're looking to do some weekend car work, then a 2-post car lift is the right choice. These lifts have a wide capacity and won't damage your car's underbody. They are also protected by safety locks that are spaced every 3 inches. In this article, we'll take a look at three different models: the Dannmar D2-8F, Tuxedo TP9KACX, and APlus HW-10KOH-A, learn more about Mechanic Superstore.

Dannmar D2-8F

The Dannmar D2-8F two-post car lift has a large lifting capacity, making it ideal for heavy-duty vehicles such as one-ton diesels. It also works well on passenger cars. It has a telescopic top beam and a standard adapter to fit a variety of wheelbases.

The Dannmar D2-8F two-post car lift offers a wide range of features and is easy to use. It has a clear floor that makes it easy to roll equipment underneath the vehicle. Its lifting capacity is 12,000 pounds. It is suitable for most vehicles.

Tuxedo TP9KACX

The Tuxedo TP9K ACX 2 post car lift is a quality, affordable choice. This unit features heavy-duty steel pulleys and leaf chains. It also includes a cable equalization system. This unit ships via truck freight. When you buy a Tuxedo car lift from SVI, you will receive top-quality customer service and a competitive price. In addition, in-stock items are usually shipped the same day.

The TP9KACX has a maximum lift capacity of 9,000 pounds. It has a clear floor design, a height of 72'' and a width of 142 7/8". The TP9KACX comes with a 5 year structure warranty and a one-year warranty on electrical components.

APlus HW-10KOH-A

APlusLift has a strong reputation for providing reliable car lifts, and the HW-10KOH is no exception. This two-post car lift has a 10,000-pound weight capacity and a symmetrical or asymmetrical arm arrangement. Its sturdy frame is powder-coated and is constructed with heavy-duty steel. It also has anti-rust properties.

The APlus HW-10KOH-A features a symmetrical design that takes up less floor space. This lift has a 51-inch lift height, making it ideal for most sedans and sports cars. Its low-pressure direct-drive cylinders allow for a safe and efficient rise. This lift is also equipped with rubber guards to prevent scratching paintwork.

This model comes with a two-year warranty. It is made of Q355 steel. If you want an even more durable car lift, you can check out the Pro 8000 by Mayflower Blacksmith. It has a ten thousand-pound capacity, so you can expect it to hold heavy vehicles.

BendPak QuickJack

The BendPak QuickJack 2 post car lifting system is a versatile product that is great for the garage or professional auto repair shop. It features easy set up and a competitive price. Its safety standards go above and beyond typical OSHA/ALI/ETL standards. It requires a forklift to set up and dismount.

Its built-in flow divider prevents uneven weight distribution and off-kilter positioning. It comes with comprehensive installation and maintenance instructions. The included safety instructions help ensure that your customers and workers are safe while using it. While it does require a forklift, it is designed to be lightweight and compact. It also provides a convenient handle so users can easily maneuver it while repairing or servicing a car.

Another great feature of the QuickJack is that it is easy to assemble and dismantle. The unit has pendant controls for one-handed operation, dual-position automatic safety locks, and durable urethane wheels. The QuickJack can lift your car up to 21 inches in 30 seconds and lower it down to 3.5 inches.

Universalift 11KAC-D

The UNIVERSALIFT 11KAC-D is a clear floor car lift with an 11,000-pound capacity that can be used to lift most non-commercial vehicles. It can raise a vehicle to 71 1/2 inches off the ground using the shortest adapter, or as high as 77 inches using the tallest adapter. The lift is symmetrical, so it can lift a car or a truck of equal size.